Foxes Faux

A Troop of Fox and Faulk

“Foxes Faux are an energetic and original five-strong touring band playing a mix of folk, punk and gypsy tinged rock music. Formed around Keighley, West Yorkshire in January 2010 the band can be found busking and playing acoustic gigs in living rooms and student basements just as often as they are seen hit ting the stage at gig venues and national festivals. Well known around the UK their shows are full of energy, jollity and thought-provoking music. If the crowds aren’t barn dancing, line dancing or do-sa-do-ing they’re creating human pyramids, stage diving and forming one hundred strong conga lines to this compelling and unique band.”

Kurt Wood – Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo
Will Quinn – 12 String Guitar, Vocals
Tim Rickaby – Electric Guitar, Bouzouki, Melodica, Glockenspiel
Luke Parker – Drums, Vocals
Ben Snowden – Bass, Kazoo