Foxes Faux


Vanguard Review

Vanguard Review Foxes Faux storm back onto the scene with their debut album Fox Tales – some six years from forming and after relentless gigging and appearing at some well-known festivals they showcase a 13-track masterpiece of some of their finest works. Returning fans and new aficionados will fall in love. The album starts with Cops and Robbers, a hectic track fully introducing what the band are achieving with their album – a mix of folky, gypsy punk rock, which wouldn’t sound out of place in a packed pub nor a flamboyant wedding. The layers of the right instruments as well as passionate vocals bring to light the sheer enjoyment of listening to quick paced, well-performed music. Fidel Rocero brings the pace crashing down and becomes slightly acoustic, the mandolin they’re renowned for including in most of their works becomes […]

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Fungal Punk Review

Now THIS is what you call a review! Dave from Fungal Punk has written the most in-depth album review we’ve ever had. Positives, negatives and all things in between. We salute you, sir. Check out the review below – we recommend you read it out loud!. Make a brew – you’ll need it! Fungal Punk – Review Fungal Punk – Website Gyppo juices and folky fluids run through the veins of this erudite and highly competent band whom pour forth a sound that is far from unique but is a much welcome blast of refreshing class in an underground environment where many go to kick the bollocks into a state of arousal rather than rely on careful, considered touches that result in equalling highs. Fuelled by overspilled energy from a land of Swami this is very choice musicianship and takes […]

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Celtic Folk Punk Review

Spain based ‘Celtic Folk Punk’ has our album Fox Tales as their featured album this month! You can hear the album in full at some point today. Check it out!

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Americana UK Review

Americana UK has given Fox Tales a glowing review! Americana Website Keighley band ready for a brush with success FF have an honesty about them, they understand what they are and what they are capable of; they are hardworking and down to earth, they are more artisan than artist. They name their influences – The Beatles, Gogo Bordello, The Coral, The Byrds, Supergrass and Johnny Cash, they describe their sound as folk rock fused with Gypsy and punk overtones, and they are true to their word. They’ve finance and released this record themselves – of course none of this can guarantee quality, being good people doesn’t mean you make good records. Thankfully though this record is a likeable as the band. As advertised the songs mix gypsy punk violins with rock guitars with a folk structure and sensibility, they drive […]

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