Foxes Faux


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“Cracking track in my humble opinion”

Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

“A rather wonderful band”

Alan Raw, BBC Radio Leeds

“Magical and wonderful – melodic covers & fast paced atmospheric vibes”

Virgin Music


Big Cheese Magazine

“Foxes Faux are a fine band, already on top of their game and more than worthy of being compared favourably with the likes of Mumford and Sons.”


“Excellent. A 13 track masterpiece”


“This is ‘gut-feel-feel-good’ music, instinctive and unrestricted”

Folk Words

“Great musicianship & a selection of well constructed lyrics”

UK Folk Music

“A sound that evokes the Yorkshires moors as the Eagles soundscaped the deserts of the Midwest”


“Choruses that are a rallying cry to the dispossessed of heart and mind”

Americana UK

“Foxes Faux were a great, uptempo band specialising in barn-dance type music. Fast-paced, catchy, great sounds.”

Wavgoodbye – Bingley Music Live Review

“Fuuuuck! You blew their asses off!”

Andrea Castle, Imperia Italy

Foxes Faux have an honesty about them, they understand what they are and what they are capable of; they are hardworking and down to earth, they are more artisan than artist. They name their influences – The Beatles, Gogo Bordello, The Coral, The Byrds, Supergrass and Johnny Cash, they describe their sound as folk rock fused with Gypsy and punk overtones, and they are true to their word. They’ve finance and released this record themselves – of course none of this can guarantee quality, being good people doesn’t mean you make good records. Thankfully though this record is a likeable as the band. As advertised the songs mix gypsy punk violins with rock guitars with a folk structure and sensibility, they drive the songs with real energy, the lead off ‘Cops and Robbers’ playing like a Balkan Levellers, whereas the following ‘Fidel Rocero’ is gentler in approach and execution, the violins dialed down and it is this variation in tone that allows this record space; if it was all a blur of gypsy strings it would quickly pale.

‘Mountains’ and ‘Banjooutro’ show that they have the chops for some Country and high-speed Bluegrass at that, a blurring kaleidoscope of strings that align into an aural smile. Aside from the mixing of genres, FF also mix the personal and the political, the one-two of ‘Do I Waste My Time?’ and ‘Rioters Queue Here’ illustrating this perfectly – what they have in common is a chorus that is a rallying cry to the dispossessed of heart and mind. The forthcoming single ‘Liars’ pits a banjo that bubbles like an aerator in an aquarium up against a bassline that’s like a house with toothache; all this spills over into a thunderous pit of guitars – it’s the true synthesis of their influences and the true source of pleasure.

“So its back for one of the bands I’ve really been looking forward to, Foxes Faux. They really caught my attention at the festival. They’ve moved some of the straw bales on to the stage which adds to the ambience. They are country style punk folk band, great set, there is one part with the violinist on top of a straw bale playing like a man possessed that is absolutely fantastic. A lot of people gathered for this one and plenty of clapping along and toe tapping. I got their album after the set, which is excellent too”

Yorkshire Music Collective @ Bingley Music Live

“Their music is so lively and sweet, it’s music that makes you giggle”

Jessica @ Olympic Torch Performance

“Wow. Foxes Faux were awesome…”

“Foxes Faux closed the evening in a manner that was more wild-west saloon than mosh pit, putting a light-hearted slant on their better-known progressive rock (Sounds of Swami). Banjos aside, the six piece exhibited the true extent of their instrumental talent, playing music that was both accessible and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Yorkshire Press

“Foxes Faux – magical, weird and wonderful were all used by my other half to describe this band. She also said that there were no limits to their talent and that is true. Bongos, mandolin and electric violin all mixed seamlessly…”

Leeds Music Forum

“An acoustic set from the Keighley born band draws in a whole new set of fans who enjoy the melodic covers and fast paced atmospheric vibes. Foxes Faux have been a hit with music lovers in this city…”

Virgin Music Live In Store Review

“Not only are they extremely talented but they have fun while they do it, you can’t help but smile and dance along with them”

“Wow. Foxes Faux were awesome! That’ Hey Ya!’ cover is always special. It all works so well. I cant wait to see them again. La Bamba was a definitely highlight.”

“I especially loved the opening and closing tracks that the band played live. A whirlwind of instruments which bound the entire set together like the crinkly ends of a sumptuous Cornish Pasty, enveloping the meaty musical centre”

Online Review – Unknown Reviewer